Februrary 17, 2023

Why What You Want Isn’t What You Believe

We often start out the new year optimistic that our lives will get better and with a strong desire to change non-working behavior patterns. The problem is, we are up against great forces for keeping the status quo in place. This includes a lack of understanding of what it takes to change a habit and little insight into our own unconscious commitments that have been in place since childhood.

November 17, 2023

Raise Your Awareness, Not Your Voice

As parents, we often find ourselves relying more on our authority than on our positive influence to address unwanted behavior in our children. We can also find ourselves yelling more often than listening with compassion when our kids are having a difficult time obeying or listening to us. Children pay a big price when we take the well-worn path to leverage our parental power under stress. Conscious parenting takes every teachable moment to empower our kids to become self-reliant and confident as they grow. Listen for four tips to help parents be more conscious, calm, and connected.