Body Memory Process Reviews

I have had several private sessions with David Sohn which have helped me tremendously.

Sondra Ray

Founder of the Loving Relationships Training and author of many self-help books.

My experience with David and his healing therapy was very powerful and unique. I had about five decisions that David helped me revisit. All are stored in my physical body at different places where I have chronic, low-level problems. Through this work I obtained clarity I had not been able to reach through any of my previous spiritual studies, awareness development workshops, or personal psychic sessions.

Doug Kinney

Author of "Framework of Reality: Understanding our Subtle Spiritual Nature"

Finally! David Sohn reveals his new and proven process of ‘escape’ from the restrictive and destructive patterns established in early childhood, at birth, and even before. Everyone can apply the process to their lives. It’s easy — and it works! Sohn has sown — read it and reap!

Jerry Bartholow

Author of Peace Soup

My Fibromyalgia Journey – …’I have been done with my BMP for 2 months now and most days I have no pain!!! Woo hoo! A bunch of baggage has been unloaded. It is very freeing! What I do notice is, if I am stressed out a few old aches and pains do pop up to say “hi”. But hey, that is okay. Manage my stress and I am back to pain free! …’


"My Fibromyalgia Journey" Blogger

I heard about the Body Memory Process from a friend, who often shared how powerful the work was in her life. She improved her performance at work and had grown as a leader. I began to wonder if the Body Memory Process could help me, having struggled for many years with an issue that was blocking my ability to enjoy my life and support my family. My difficulty was that while I was ambitious, skilled and talented, I over-worked for people who did not pay me and would become overloaded with anxiety when I did paid work. The Body Memory Process discovery session was gentle, casual and so informative, revealing almost 20 vows I had made in my very young life that had led me to my current conditions. Of course, one of them was “If I don’t get out of here, I’m going to die!” I would very highly recommend the Body Memory Process to anyone wanting to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. 

T. Wilson

The Body Memory Process has produced life changing results that I never could have expected to receive. What seemed like such a simple process is one that turns out to be one of the most powerful. Kathi skillfully led me through the process and provided the best coaching around how to utilize the tools to create lasting change. I can’t say enough good things about the entire experience!

Mark G.