You Made It Up, Now Stop Believing It – Interview with Book Expert, Debra Englander

Get ready to live the life you want now by letting go of your childhood beliefs (vows)! Those were stories you made up about yourself, others and life when you were very young.

Those stories aren’t true, yet they still influence every aspect of your life. This book shows you why you created your childhood vows and how to discover and release them. It tells true life stories of people releasing their vows to create amazing results, including improved health, better relationships, increased finances, and finding their voice.

You will discover how vows show up in our adult worlds, what was behind those beliefs, and how to discover and let go of those vows to change your life for the better.

In his Foreword, foster care expert Dr. John DeGarmo discusses the great potential impact of the Body Memory Process to help severely traumatized children to heal.

Kathi Sohn retired in 2020 from a thirty-six year federal career to continue her late husband David’s groundbreaking work, the Body Memory Process, to heal childhood trauma by releasing associated self-limiting and self-destructive beliefs. Ms. Sohn worked with him for over twenty-five years, after successfully overcoming her paralyzing fear of being the center of attention when she spoke.