Scroll through these examples of childhood vows to learn how they are created and how they show up for the adult.

It's All My Fault.

When something goes wrong around you, do you often feel guilty – even when you had nothing to do with it?

Maybe you think you were the cause because you didn’t do something.

This is a very common experience and this childhood vow’s impact on your life is deep.

Listen to this brief video, which explains how the vow, It’s all my fault can be holding you back.

Time-Related Vows

Are you always early, always late or always on time? Watch this video for the surprising reason! The good news is this pattern doesn’t need to continue if you are tired of it or if it is causing you too much stress.

I Have to Be Right

Do you find yourself insisting that things be done your way? This is because early on, children connect being right with love, approval, getting their needs met and avoiding punishment. Listen to this brief video, which explains this childhood vow which can rob us of our happiness and prosperity.

Eating Makes Her Happy

Do you struggle with your weight and yo-yo dieting? It could be related to childhood vows about food and eating. We learn early on that food can be comfort and eating can be a way of pleasing our caregivers.

Watch this video for the surprising way childhood vows can sabotage your efforts to stay slim.

He (or She) Doesn't Understand Me

Do you feel men don’t understand you – or that women don’t understand you? This could be related to a childhood vow called “He (or she) doesn’t understand me.” As a child, this vow meant a specific “he” or “she.” As an adult, it means all men or all women. This vow can ultimately make someone disillusioned and bitter towards the gender they feel doesn’t understand them.

Everyone Is Better Than Me

Do you tend to always think others are better than you – in general, or at doing a particular thing? This could be related to a childhood vow called “Everyone is better than me.” This vow keeps people from taking opportunities and risks that could catapult them towards their goals.

Nobody Puts Me First

Do you have the experience that people don’t consider your wants and needs to be a priority? This childhood vow is common, especially with adults who had very busy working parents.  This vow can make someone feel undervalued, even though it’s largely based on assumptions about others.

Angry is Bad

To you have a difficult time expressing anger? This could be related to a childhood vow called “Angry is bad.” This vow occurs when a child is yelled at often and they feel scared and upset as a result. As adults, they tend to avoid anger and often don’t have good alternative ways of expressing displeasure and frustration, so they keep it bottled up inside.

Life is Hard

Do you wake up with an expectation that something is going to go wrong that day? This could be related to a childhood vow, “life is hard.” This vow can occur when mom needed to rearrange her life because she was unexpectantly pregnant, when there was a difficult birth, and from negative impressions of life before the age of seven based on experiences and observations of others.

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